Mother Nature’s Playground

Get ready for the crystalline waters of Australia’s largest fringing reef – Exmouth and Ningaloo are an aquatic match made in heaven. With a few days to play with do swim with the gentle whalesharks (March to September), trek the gorges of Cape Range National Park, drift snorkel at Turquoise Bay and kayak between the towering cliffs faces of Yardie Creek.

With a bit of planning you're still going to be able to fit a lot into 3-5 days. The drive from Perth is 15 hours so you might want to consider the short flight to make the most of your time. With a few days up your sleeve though, you could squeeze in a swim with a giant, explore creeks and gorges, and soak up Exmouth’s craft brews and laid back vibes.

Seven Days on and Around Dirk Hartog Island

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